Welfare Information, Keble College, 2023-2024

JCR Welfare Officers

Hello everyone! We are Jessie and Siri, your JCR Welfare Officers for this academic year. Our main job is to oversee JCR Welfare at Keble, coordinate with College Welfare Staff, and organise fun wellbeing activities to main your time at Keble happier (and filled with many cups of Welfare Tea!). We are trained Peer Supporters ourselves, meaning that a big part of our job is helping struggling students alongside College Staff, as well as running weekly welfare teas, organising Peer Support drop-ins and planning our wonderful Welfare Week each term.

College Welfare Staff

Max offers pastoral care and general welfare support to all students, as well as being our College Chaplain. Max is a wonderful source of support and smiles and is always willing to brew a cup of tea – his support is also free from any form of judgment and non-religious.

Aimee offers pastoral care and general welfare support to all students. She is also the College’s Student Disability Co-ordinator and Student Financial Support Co-ordinator and can help students with support in these areas.

The College Nurse offers physical and mental health care to the student community, and is also available for pastoral care and general welfare issues.

  • Junior Deans – deans@keble.ox.ac.uk
    • Junior Deans are here to offer support in night-time emergency incidents on site. This can be medical, mental health or anything other than needs urgent support.
    • To contact the Junior Deans in an emergency situation – call Porters Lodge (01865 272727) who will provide a Junior Dean as quickly as possible.
  • Harassment Advisors – Diane Purkiss (English Tutor) and Alfonso Bueno (Computer Science Tutor)
    • bueno@cs.ox.ac.uk
    • purkiss@keble.ox.ac.uk
    • If you think that you are being harassed or bullied you can contact one of the two College harassment advisors, who are trained to address these issues. They are also able to support accused students.

Peer Supporters

Peer supporters are trained to give free, friendly support whenever needed. We are contactable on the emails below or by a form that can be found readily on @keblewelfare Instagram, or by the welfare email – keblewelfare@gmail.com. Support can be for anything from struggling with workload to feeling lonely to more personal issues. Support is free from any judgement, and we have a large diversity in socio-economic background, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, and subject!


Peer Supporters currently in training

JCR Welfare Committee

Oxford Counselling & Mental Health Support

  • University Counselling Services – counselling@admin.ox.ac.uk – https://www.ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/counselling
  • On-site Counsellor– Kirsty Hunter – counsellor@keble.ox.ac.uk
  • Oxford Nightline – https://oxford.nightline.ac.uk/ – 01865 270270
    • 8pm – 8am every night during termtime as a listening service, or a ‘get-home-safe’ service where they will stay on the phone with you until you get home
  • Talking Space Oxford – https://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/talkingspaceplus/
    • Offers a range of therapies and self-referral can be made
  • Oxford Mindfulness Centre – https://www.oxfordmindfulness.org/
    • Useful courses for depression, stress, chronic unhappiness, exhaustion, anxiety, burnout, and day-to-day mindfulness

Medical details

  • This will probably be the one that you have been informed to sign up with!
  • Observatory Medical Practice, Jericho Health Centre, New Radcliffe House, Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6NW
  • John Radcliffe (JR) Hospital and Accident and Emergency Department – 999
    • College will reimburse the cost of a taxi to the JR if you keep the receipt. Better to go by taxi and be reimbursed than by bus if injured. Feel free to contact Jessie and Siri or a Peer Supporter for any form of support getting to a hospital at any time of day.

In Case of Emergency:

In Case of Emergency you should call the Porters’ Lodge (01865 272727), they will coordinate the response which during the day will be led by the Student Support Officer, and at night by a Junior Dean. If appropriate, you should also contact the emergency services on 999.

24-hour Helplines

Welfare Resources

  • FREE condoms and lube in JCR and Porters Lodge
  • FREE sanitary products in Liddon toilets
  • FREE headspace account – Message Jessie, Siri or @keblewelfare Instagram for login
  • FREE Drinks Cup Covers – https://rb.gy/bxpck
  • FREE pregnancy tests and rape alarms – https://rb.gy/6gosx
    • FREE Emergency Contraception reimbursement form https://rb.gy/8ryc2
    • Can get for free from most sexual health clinics
    • Can order online if uncomfortable in person
  • FREE STI tests from https://www.sexualhealthoxfordshire.nhs.uk
  • FREE Moon Cups (Menstrual Cups) – Message Jessie, Siri or @keblewelfare Instagram

Sexual Health in Oxford

  • FREE condoms and lube in JCR and Porters Lodge
  • FREE pregnancy tests – https://rb.gy/6gosx
    • FREE Emergency Contraception reimbursement form https://rb.gy/8ryc2
    • Can get for free from most sexual health clinics
    • Can order online if uncomfortable in person
  • Where can I get a FREE STI test?
    • https://www.sexualhealthoxfordshire.nhs.uk/
    • Churchill Hospital (1-5.30 p.m. every Wednesday afternoon, drop-in, for symptomatic people)
    • Rectory Centre, just off Cowley Road (appointment only, for symptomatic people), can be booked online through the creation of a PHR profile or by phone at 01865 231231.
      • Register at reception, sit in the waiting room, and get called in. Asked questions about sexual history. Ask you about your orientation. Ask you about any symptoms. Ask about partners from the last 3–6 months or your last test. Ask about the type of sex. Ask about the country in which the partner was born (some STIs are endemic in some countries). Ask about the gender of the partners. Ask about the frequency of the partners: one-time, casual, irregular, regular, or long-time. Will have to ask about your gender and the organs you have in order to know what test to give you.
      • Throat/anal/vaginal/blood test
    • Home STI testing kit
      • For someone with no symptoms, just do a regular test
      • There will be a blood, vulva, or urine test
    • Sexual health histories in the UK are not merged with any other form of medical data or treatment; they are not given to your GP, etc.
    • Types of contraception
      • Dental dam
      • Internal condom: protects the vagina and the rest of the external vulva
      • External condom: check to see if the package is damaged (twist to make sure that there is resistance), check to make sure that it is within date, and check to make sure that it has the CE symbol (EU safety standard) or British safety standard.
        • Push the condom to the side when you open it to make sure that you don’t accidentally rip it. Make sure to pinch the top to prevent an air bubble from forming and the chances of it ripping.