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Saturday of Summer Eights Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Saturday 28th May) is the Saturday of the Neptune Summer Eights. This an excellent event and it would be great if as many Keble students as possible come down for what is “probably one of the single greatest days of the year!” (quote from Thomas Hunter’s description on the event facebook page).

There will be 6 Keble crews rowing:

M4 – Having been bumped on all three days so far, the Rugby beer boat needs to row over or bump tomorrow to avoid winning Spoons. The good news is that Mansfield III, the boat below them, is the weakest crew they will face. M4 will be rowing at 10:55.

M3 – A strong Keble M3 continue to move up the division having not been bumped on any of the first three days. If they successfully bump Wadham M3 tomorrow then Wadham M3 will get Spoons. M3 will be rowing at 12:10.

W2 – Keble W2 successfully bumped on Wednesday but were unlucky as they were not able to bump on Thursday or Friday due to circumstances beyond their control. On Thursday, Somerville W2 were bumped by St Hugh’s W2 meaning that Keble W2 were left unable to bump and today (Friday) a klaxon was sounded before Keble W2 could bump. Hopefully W2 will bump tomorrow. W2 will be rowing at 12:45.

M2 – Having started the competition at third place in Men’s Division IV, Keble M2 are now in Division III having successfully bumped a total of four times across the first three days (including as the sandwich boat on Thursday allowing them to be promoted). Keble M2 will win Blades if they bump Linacre M1 tomorrow when they row at 15:45.

W1 – At 6th place in Women’s Division I, Keble W1 are at their highest ever position having bumped on Wednesday and Thursday. W1 were unlucky today (Friday) as they almost bumped Christ Church but a klaxon was sounded before they were able to. If W1 bump Christ Church tomorrow, they will move into 5th place, from where they will have a chance of becoming Head of the River in Summer Eights 2017. W1 will be rowing at 17:15.

M1 – Coxed by Tintin, who was praised by none other than OURCs themselves for good coxing on Wednesday, Keble M1 is at 4th place in Men’s DIvision I having rowed over on Wednesday and bumped on Thursday and today (Friday). If they successfully bump Pembroke tomorrow, they will be even closer to becoming Head of the River in 2017. M1 will be rowing at 17:45.

There will be lemonade and Pimms for sale on Boathouse Island and there should be some food (e.g. biscuits) in the boathouse – I will be bringing some Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers down at the beginning of the day.

Walking directions to Keble Boathouse are available here. Please note that cycling is not permitted in Christ Church Meadow.

Latest JCR Constitution

Dear viewers,

The newest copy of the JCR Constitution is now available for download under “About: Consitution” and on the media page for Keble JCR members.

Please refer to this copy if needed and not to any older copies that you have.

The changes, such as the presidential elections and the new non-committee positions, are marked in red. There are also certain things that have been removed.

Best wishes,

Patrick Hall

Keble JCR Secretary

JCR President Elections

Today, in the midst of all of the democratic elections in the UK, Keble JCR adds one more vote to the list – the election for the new JCR President of 2016-2017. Tonight we will find out who will be the new leader of Keble’s undergraduate students.

On Sunday the four candidates were set a challenge – 50 tasks, to complete as many as possible within three days. The list is: Hustings Challenge 2016 and the results, judged by the secretary Patrick and me, are as follows:

Caitlin – 43

Jack – 42

Mel – 33

Michael – 30

We gave 1 point for each challenge that was fully completed, 1/2 point for those that were somewhat on target, and 0 if they did not complete the challenge.

Good luck guys!

Three Keble crews win blades in Torpids

UPDATE SATURDAY 27TH FEBRUARY: All 4 crews successfully bumped today meaning that W1, M1 and M2 have won blades. Well done to all Keble crews. :)

Original post (Friday 26th February):

Keble M1, W1 and M2 will win blades tomorrow (Saturday 27th February) if they successfully bump in the Neptune Torpids. Also rowing will be Keble M3, who unfortunately cannot win blades, but it would be great if they are able to bump tomorrow.

The race times for Keble crews are:

Keble M3 – 12:00 (Men’s Div VI)
Keble M2 – 14:00 (Men’s Div IV)
Keble W1 – 15:30 (Women’s Div II – see note below)
Keble M1 – 16:00 (Men’s Div II)

N.B Keble W1 are at the head of Women’s Div II. To win blades, they must row over and then bump in Women’s Div I, which is at 16:30.

It would be great if as many students as possible came down to Boathouse Island to support Keble, walking directions are available here (please note that bicycles are not permitted in Christ Church Meadow). There will be refreshments (e.g. sweets) in the boathouse.

A special mention also to Keble W2, who missed out on qualification for Torpids by only 1 second on Sunday after a seat in the boat broke, meaning that they only had seven people rowing.

Finally, a quick reminder that informal hall is from 18:00 to 18:30 only tomorrow, due to a private dinner in hall.

Good luck to all Keble crews rowing tomorrow. :)

6th Week Updates!

Hey y’all, it’s 6th week Hilary. We’ve made it past halfway through the year, oh how time flies.

This week is a big one for Keble! First, we have the annual Keble Arts Festival, themed “Let’s Talk”. The theme centers around using different types of art as a method of communication, both for everyday topics and also discussion that is more “taboo”. Here is a link to the KAF timetable – highly recommend attending any of these! (Bop is Monday, bar tab and everything!)

In other extracurricular news, Torpids is this week as well. From Wednesday-Saturday, 32 college rowers, 4 coxswains, and 4 coaches will race down at the Isis River. Come support as our four boats aim to be the fastest on the river; you can find our racetimes here.

We’ve also got loads of university sport representation playing in their respective Blues matches this weekend. On Saturday at the Uni Parks you can watch our four lacrosse players shoe the tabs, or head down to Iffley to watch the football women’s team, two of which are Keblites!

That’s all for now –

Shao out

Keble reach Saturday of Christ Church Regatta

Both Keble WA and Keble MA are rowing on the final day of Christ Church Regatta, the annual regatta for novice rowers.
This is tomorrow Saturday 28th November

Racing starts at 12:32 with the first race for Keble MA being their fourth round race at 12:44 v Oriel MB and the first race for Keble WA being their quarter-final at 13:16 v Wolfson WA.

Winning boats proceed to the next round, with the final being at 14:45 for men’s boats and 14:50 for women’s boats.

It would be great if students came down to Boathouse Island to support Keble, walking directions are available here (please note that cycling is not permitted in Christ Church Meadow).

Good luck to Keble WA and Keble MA. :)

JCR Charity 2015-2016

Your Charities reps are pleased to announce that the winner of the vote for JCR charity is Medecins Sans Frontières! MSF offers worldwide medical aid to those who need it most: from rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean Sea to treating those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.Across the globe, MSF help people caught up in conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters, so the money raised by the JCR really is going to a worthy cause.

Thanks to everyone who got involved my nominating a charity and voting- this year’s JCR charity won the ballot by one vote, so every vote really does count! Look out for fundraising events around college coming soon.

Charities love x


Academic Affairs – How to report your Academic Concerns

Happy 5th week everyone!

This post is quite a long one, but it’s worth a read as it outlines what to do if you have any concerns about your academic work or the way you are being taught.

I’m in the process of finalising a form on which you will be able to report your academic concerns, anonymously or not, to college who will take it further. If you’re struggling with a particular tutor, with the workload you’ve been set, or just feel that you’d like to talk to someone about how to manage the work that you’re getting, you’ll be able to report this and I’ll take the appropriate course of action.

It will all go through me as I’m here to support you and back you up. I’ll be able to forward your concerns and complaints and take the right course, but, if there is something particular that you’d like me to do (e.g. putting you in touch with another student who’s taken that paper so you can get some advice) I’d of course be happy to do that. I also welcome submissions from groups of students or tutorial groups.

It’s just got to get approved by college and then it’ll be available for download right here on the JCR website, and there will be paper copies available in the JCR itself.

For now, my e-mail address is and please e-mail me if there’s anything I can do for you in the way of academic concerns. If you’d like to talk it through, the other peer supporters and I will be based outside the library from 8-11 on Tuesday night as part of the 5th week fun that’s been planned. You’re welcome to come and visit us for some sweets and a chat, whether it’s for some peer support, academic support or just a break from your evening in the library.

We’ll also be posting a mobile number on Tuesday so if you’d like a peer supporter deliver some sweets to your room, for a chat or not, just drop us a message with you request.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night!