2019-2020 JCR Committee

NOTE: All notices pertaining to careers must be sent to the Careers & Alumni Officer.

Any other notices for circulation should be sent directly to the JCR Secretary. 

The JCR Committee

The JCR Committee Officers are here to represent you to College, to the University and the outside world. The Committee implement resolutions of the JCR, oversee the smooth running of student facilities and provide a channel for communications between the SCR, MCR and JCR. Each position has specific responsibilities, so feel free to browse the information below or get in touch with whoever suits your needs most. If you’re unsure, our President is always more than happy to help and point you in the right direction!

Position Name Email
President Annie Johnson annie.johnson@keble.ox.ac.uk
Vice-President Amelia Bircham amelia.bircham@keble.ox.ac.uk
Treasurer Dakshesh Dharmadhikary dakshesh.dharmadhikary@keble.ox.ac.uk
Secretary Rosario Evans Pena rosario.evanspena@keble.ox.ac.uk
Male Welfare Theo Daniels theo.daniels@keble.ox.ac.uk
Female Welfare Natasha Puttick natasha.puttick@keble.ox.ac.uk
Access & Academic Affairs Officer Sophia Cerullo sophia.cerullo@keble.ox.ac.uk
Equal Opportunities Officer Gokul Parameswaran gokul.parameswaran@keble.ox.ac.uk
Careers & Alumni Relations Officer Kodie Matthews kodie.matthews@keble.ox.ac.uk
Accommodation Officer Alice Peat alice.peat@keble.ox.ac.uk
Environment & Ethics Officer Thomas Livesey thomas.livesey@keble.ox.ac.uk
Arts and Publications Officer Verity Shillabeer verity.shillabeer@keble.ox.ac.uk
Entz Officers (3) Natasha Mehra

Hannah Ewing

Katherine Lancaster




Charities & Donations Officers (2) Nia Fenn

Emma Millar



Drama Officer Robyn Allen robyndra.allen@keble.ox.ac.uk
Freshers’ President Fiona Thomas fiona.thomas@keble.ox.ac.uk
Stash Officer Joseph Gale joseph.gale@keble.ox.ac.uk
SU Representative Edward Flewitt edward.flewitt@keble.ox.ac.uk

Non-Committee Posts

Non-committee posts, both elected and non-elected, support the JCR Committee and likewise have specific roles within the student community at Keble.

Position Name Email
Speaker Oliver Hardman oliver.hardman@keble.ox.ac.uk
LQBTQ+ Reps Alex Sommerville-Large

Nat Nickells



Disabilities Rep Maya Raman Jones maya.ramanjones@keble.ox.ac.uk
Ethnic Minorities Rep Arnya Govindan arnya.govindan@keble.ox.ac.uk
International Rep Maryam Sajjad maryam.sajjad@keble.ox.ac.uk
Social Backgrounds Rep Adam Ferguson adam.ferguson@keble.ox.ac.uk
Women’s Reps (2) Emma Francis

Izzy Zani



Sports Rep Olivia Lee-Smith olivia.lee-smith@keble.ox.ac.uk
IT Rep Christopher McDonald christopher.mcdonald@keble.ox.ac.uk