Talbot Fund

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The Talbot Fund is the backbone of all activities within Keble. Named after Keble’s first Warden, Edward Talbot, the fund was started in 2002 and has raised over £6 million to support the students and the college since. The majority of its donors are Keble alumni who graciously support the college’s current students through academic bursaries, JCR funding, and capital projects, and almost 100% of all recent Keble alumni have donated at least once upon leaving. Whether or not they are aware of it, all Keble students benefit from these donations to the Talbot Fund.

Here are some of the areas in which the Talbot Fund supports Keble:

Academic Projects: 

A large portion of the TF goes to giving students the vital scholarships and bursaries they need to ensure that financial means is no barrier to a Keble education; many students within Keble are financially supported throughout their time here through bursaries, and any additional scholarships are provided by the Talbot Fund. It also supports Keble at Large, which is a programme aimed at ensuring that anyone, regardless of their background, can apply to Keble.

– Community Projects:

This part of the fund supports Keble activities outside academia- music, drama, and sports. Donors can specify what they want their money to support, and so many Keble alumni who were very involved in a certain aspect of the community continue to support the club or society after they have left. Rowing, rugby, and the O’Reilly Theatre, amongst many others, receive a large amount of financial backing from old Members.

Capital Projects:

While often overlooked, capital projects such as refurbishment and restoration in Keble are funded by the TF. Recently, the Dining Hall ceiling has been restored, and all of Liddon accommodation has been refurbished. Future projects include finishing the refurbishment in Pusey, renovating the Acland Site for graduate students, and installing a lift in Hall for increased access.

To read more about the Talbot Fund, check out the Keble website and student testimonies. We hope that every Keble student understands that their community could not be as welcoming and providing without the support of the Talbot Fund and all its alumni donors.