Finding your perfect career isn’t easy, and so we’ve compiled some helpful tips and resources for you from across the university that can help you find out what’s right for you, and then secure your ideal job or internship.

There are loads of opportunities to get involved with the careers scene at Oxford; it’s never too late to start! Many people have no idea what they want to do, but our Careers & Alumni Officer will keep you up to date with all sorts of opportunities throughout the year.

Careers Database

This spreadsheet has a list of Keblites, current and former, who have very kindly submitted information about where they’ve worked. If you see someone in the same company/industry that you’re interested in, drop them an email and they’ll hopefully be able to help you out!

You can view the spreadsheet here, or sign up to contribute to it here. All submissions are really appreciated!

Help with CVs

Example CV 1

Example CV 2

Example Academic CV

More CV advice and resources from Save the Student

CV Advice from the Careers Service

Top tips

  • Keep it short and simple – employers don’t have time to read paragraphs of information
  • Emphasise what you did (measurable impact) and the sorts of skills you learnt
  • Think hard about your achievements: you’ll have loads, so include them!

Help with Cover Letters

Example Cover Letter 1

Example Cover Letter 2

Example Cover Letter 3

Cover Letter Advice from the Careers Service

Top tips

  • Do three paragraphs: a short one introducing what role you wish to apply for and what spurred this (maybe you went to a networking event with the company), one explaining why you’re interested in this role and firm in particular, and one explaining why they should hire you.
  • Do research on the company you’re applying to: go through the recruitment pages on their websites and they’ll tell you what makes their company and culture unique. Then give those as reasons for why you want to work for them in particular. You could highlight awards they’ve received or corporate responsibility programmes they have in place. As one recruiter told me, if they can do Find&Replace and swap their company’s name with another, your application will be binned!
  • Really sell yourself. Show transferable skills from your other experience that will help you do the job you’re applying for. Even though it might seem they’re not related areas, you’ll always be able to find something of value. Many companies will list somewhere the competencies they look for in applicants so make sure to demonstrate that you possess these competencies!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see included on this page, email the Careers Officer!