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Ask anyone in Oxford and they’ll probably tell you that Keble offers some of the best college accommodation. Most rooms are spacious and recently renovated, some with double beds, and the majority en-suite. Keble is fully networked and all rooms in College have Ethernet connection points. Almost all areas of College are WiFi accessible.

Your rent is fixed for the duration of your course so you can plan your finances.  All undergraduates are able to live in college accommodation in their first, second and third years, but some students on four-year courses may have to live out in their final year. Consult the College Website for the most up-to-date accommodation information included costs.


First Year

Hayward/De Breyne

Key Features: Staircase, Shared Bathroom, Fridge, Storage Compartment, Large Sofas

Description: Hayward and DB are where the majority of freshers live. They are laid out in staircases of mostly 8, 6 or sometimes 4 rooms, with each floor containing two rooms and a shared bathroom. Do not be put off by the shared bathroom – with only one other person it’s practically an en-suite, and the added bonus of being close to the rest of the year group arguably makes up for this.

The proximity to the bar, and Hayward quad where you can relax in summer, is ideal. Each room is equipped with a fridge, a (very) small sink and a large sofa-bench, which are colour-coordinated depending on staircase. The layout of the rooms is fairly standard, whilst there are some size discrepancies, the smallest room is still being pretty big. These rooms offer lots of light because of the glass wall, but make sure to close the blinds for privacy. An added bonus of an H/DB room in first year is the storage cupboard behind the beds, which you can store some of your stuff in during the vacations.

Hayward Room H2
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Sloane Robinson

Key Features: Corridor, En-suite, Modern 

Description:The Sloane Robinson building is the newest in Keble, and has 18 rooms which house incoming freshers. It is equipped with a lift, which is ideal for moving in and out, or for those days where you just don’t feel like tackling the stairs. All the rooms have an ensuite ‘wet room’, however are not equipped with fridges. By way of storage, each room has a wardrobe, a small set of drawers and some shelves above the desk, therefore it may be useful to think about bringing storage boxes for extra space. Whilst further away from other first year rooms, the proximity to Slo Ro gate, and the bike racks, is very convenient for coming in and out of college – or getting Deliveroos (especially when Magic Gate on Museum Road locks at night for those on the other side of college!)

Sloane Robinson Room 3.06
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Pusey (Clock Tower Side)

Key Features: Corridor, En-Suite, Older Design

Description:Pusey houses around thirty freshers.  The majority of rooms are en-suite, with some bathrooms being shared between two or three. No rooms come with a fridge. The Pusey quad is fairly central to the main college amenities and right next to the ‘magic gate’. The rooms have the benefit of being bordered by Pusey and Hayward quad on either side.

Second Year

Pusey (Lodge Side)

Key Features: Corridor, En-Suite, 8-10 rooms per floor

Description: Pusey rooms are older than those in Liddon, meaning they possess more character, thanks to their varied sizes and layouts. The majority of rooms are en suite, and if you’re lucky the bathroom may be enormous. These rooms are conveniently located near the Porters Lodge and Main Gate. No rooms come with a fridge, however over half have a double bed.

Pusey Lodge-Side Room
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Liddon (West Side)

Key Features: Corridor, En-Suite, Fridge, 10 rooms per floor

Description: Those choosing accommodation for second year might consider a corridor on Liddon West side. It offers a quad view no matter which side you reside – the perhaps more impressive view of Liddon on one, or the quieter Newman quad on the other. There is ample storage space, each room offering a dressing area with a large wardrobe, ample shelf space and a large desk. All rooms are also equipped with a fridge. Rooms are ensuite, apart from 3 on the fourth floor. However don’t let this deter you, as these rooms are unique in their layout offering more space and a more homely environment. 

Liddon West-Side Room 2
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Liddon (Lodge Side)

Key Information: Corridor, En-Suite, Fridge, 12-14 rooms per floor

Description:These are once more second year rooms, almost identical to Liddon West however with a different colour scheme. Almost all rooms are ensuite, apart from a few on the top floor. They are also equipped with a fridge and similar storage to other second year rooms. The quad-facing rooms have the coveted view of Liddon, and are some of the lighter rooms in college.

Lodge-Side Room 1803 | Standard
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Liddon (Chapel Side)

Key Features: Corridor, En-Suite, Fridge, 6-8 rooms per floor

Description: These rooms are also open to be selected by those choosing their second year accommodation. Chapel side offers both ensuite and shared bathrooms. On one side is a picturesque view over Liddon quad, of hall and the library. But don’t worry if you get a street facing room; they look out onto Keble Road, which is considerably quieter than Parks Road, facing Lodge Side. Each room is equipped with a fridge.

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Third Year


Key Information: Flats, En-Suite, shared kitchen, 10-12 rooms per floor

Description: Arco is where third years living on college premises will be housed. The rooms are identical to those in Sloane Robinson, each with an en-suite. Each ‘flat’ consists of 10-12 rooms with a shared kitchen. In Arco you have the option to have a 3 term or a 9 month lease, saving the hassle of moving out every vac if you choose. The Arco building is located opposite Sloane Robinson, near the café and bike racks and has a roof-top terrace.

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