Room Information

Ask anyone in Oxford and they’ll probably tell you that Keble offers some of the best college accommodation. Most rooms are spacious and recently renovated, some with double beds, and the majority en-suite. Keble is fully networked and all rooms in College have Ethernet connection points. Almost all areas of College are WiFi accessible.

Your rent is fixed for the duration of your course so you can plan your finances.  All undergraduates are able to live in college accommodation in their first, second and third years, but some students on four-year courses may have to live out in their final year. Consult the College Website for the most up-to-date accommodation information included costs.


Key Points:

  • 1st Year Accom Only
  • 2 bedrooms per floor, one shared bathroom (shared with the same sex)
  • Big sofas & great natural light
  • Small lockable storage behind the bed for Vacation

Hayward is where the majority of the Freshers live, which is great for being close to your friends. They have single beds (though many push the bed against the sofa to create a bigger bed), a fridge, small sink, desk with desk chair, and wardrobe space. There is space for a microwave. Your sofa is colour coordinated with the rest of the staircase, and the rooms are easy to make cozy and your own. You and your bathroom buddy have a shower, sink and toilet between you.

De Breyne

Key Points:

  • 1st Year accom only
  • Classed as a large room
  • One large sink and food prep area, and smaller sink
  • Shared bathroom between two rooms

Hayward and DeBreyne tend to be spoken about together, as they are part of the same building and are of the same design. But ‘DB’ rooms are much larger, and have a slightly different view (DB is like its own mini quad). The beds are single, and there are large sofas of the staircase colour, like Hayward. It comes with a fridge and has space for a microwave.


Key Points:

  • 1st and 2nd year
  • More traditional style rooms, in the main Keble building
  • Ensuite
  • Single bed (for first years, varies in 2nd)
  • Lockable storage (unless on the top floor)

Pusey Quad rooms house both first and second years, on either side of the quad respectively (so you will always be with your year group). They have a large desk space, a desk chair, fridge, lots of shelving/storage and an armchair. The rooms vary slightly in layout, but all have space for a microwave and kettle, plus there is a corkboard for your posters and photos. The bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet.

Sloane Robinson

Key Points:

  • Newest building in Keble
  • Has a lift which helps moving in or out
  • Ensuite
  • Most have single bed

Sloane Robinson has 18 rooms which house freshers, and is located at the back of Keble’s site- close to Slo-Ro gate for easy access in and out. They are large rooms which have a desk, draws, shelves and a wardrobe. The ensuite bathrooms are more of a ‘wetroom style’. Overall, they are probably the most modern out of the rooms Keble offers.


Key Points:

  • 2nd Year accommodation
  • Small, Regular and Large rooms (single or double beds)
  • Majority ensuite

Liddon Quad is home to the majority of second years. The rooms come in various sizes and have lots of character, like Pusey rooms. They have both double or single beds, desks and desk chairs, a fridge and quite a bit of storage space. The bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet. There is plenty of space for a microwave and kettle, and the majority have a cork display board. 


Key Points:

  • 3rd Year accommodation
  • Finally… Access to a Kitchen!!
  • Flats consisting of about 10 rooms to a kitchen
  • Majority ensuite

rco rooms are where 3rd years living on site will live. They are rooms similar, if not identical, to Sloane Robinson, and have ensuites also. They are spacious rooms with view either onto the quad or the street. The kitchens are functional and a good social space.