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Your Rent Negotiation Team for 2013/14

It’s that time of year again – Rent Negotiation time!

Having one meeting already under their belt, the JCR’s Rent Negotiation team is working hard with Keble MCR on your behalf.

Your JCR Rent Negotiation Team for 2013/14 is:

James Newton (JCR Pres)

Luka Boeskens (JCR VP)

Georgina Clifford (JCR Treasurer)

Laura Gill (JCR Accommodation Officer)

Stay tuned for the Rent Survey coming to you in the next few days and our joint JCR-MCR Rent Proposal within the next couple of weeks.

Rent Negotiation success is reliant on your input and support so if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact any one of us!

Referendum Meeting – 5pm Today

Don’t forget that there will be a referendum meeting today at 5pm in the JCR.

topsecretThe meeting is about the JCR’s adoption of Anonymous Voting on which you will all be voting so please come along if you can!

You can find the agenda for the meeting here and the JCR Constitution and Standing Orders here.

See you there!

Trinity Term begins!

It may seem like the darkness of Hilary still looms over us all as we approach college exams but let that be no reason for not celebrating the arrival of Trinity Term!

Tonight Keble Bar reopens at 6pm with the return of a summer favourite – Pimms.

Liddon, Pusey, and Hayward are now open for croquet – just go to the Porters’ Lodge and get the kits from the Sports’ Cupboard.

And, not forgetting, punts can now be booked from the Porters’ Lodge for free!582390_10150847265058871_680212871_n

Enjoy the sun!


A website is born!


After a very long transition period, the jcr.keble website is back and here to stay.

Where once Keble JCR’s online presence was confined to the Keble Noticeboard, we now dominate the web through facebook, twitter, and here! Get favouriting, liking, and following to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events: