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For all emergencies call the Porters Lodge on 01865 272727

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Finding the Right Person to Talk to

University life can be very taxing both physically and mentally, and like everyone else you may be subject to various other pressures – relationships, troubles at home and so on.  Together the College and the University offer a wide range of personal support agencies that you can call on when necessary for help or advice.

Whatever your problem, whether a relatively trivial ailment or something more serious or persistent, it is in your interests to take appropriate advice as soon as possible.

If your problem is in any way likely to affect your academic performance you should normally inform your Director of Studies.  If for any reason this is impossible or inappropriate, you should make sure that the College doctor or one of the other members of the College welfare team is aware of the circumstances so that they may vouch for you if your academic progress is called into question.

The College Welfare Team

Should problems arise that cannot be solved by talking with friends, help can be obtained from a range of people both inside and outside College.  Whatever the problem – personal, emotional, health, financial or work-related – you are encouraged to approach any of the team who will see you in confidence, listen and try to help.  You may approach whichever one of us you think might best help you in the circumstances, although some people are more likely to be able to help for certain things than others.

Confidential information about individual students will be shared between the team only in strict accordance with the College Policy on Confidentiality and the Circulation of Welfare Information.  If in doubt, ask about confidentiality issues.

Who should I talk to?

The JCR have welfare officers and peer supporters who are there to help you. When it comes to College Officers, it can sometimes be confusing about who to contact – the lines between discipline/welfare and academic/non-academic issues are often blurred for example.

Different College Officers have responsibility for various aspects of student welfare – and the following might help you decide who the best person to contact is:

Academic Welfare:

Academic Affairs Officer, Peer supporters, Subject tutors, Graduate Advisors, Alternative Personal Tutors, Senior Tutor, Welfare and Disability Officers.

Non-Academic Welfare:

Chaplain, College Nurse, Junior Deans, Dean, Peer Supporters, Senior Tutor, Welfare and Disability Officers, Harassment Advisors.


Senior Tutor, Bursar, Welfare and Disability Officer, Student Support Committee (applications for assistance).

In College Contact Details

The Junior Dean on Duty acts as a first port of call in an emergency out of hours.  Contact via the Porters’ Lodge.

From the JCR:
JCR President:
Welfare Officers
Peer Supporters
From the MCR:
Junior Deans George Adigbli, Leila Tai
From the SCR:
Chaplain The Revd Nevsky Everett 72725
Senior Tutor Dr Ali Rogers 72733
Welfare and Disability Officer Mrs Trish Long 72700
Dean Dr Kazbi Soonawalla
Warden Sir Jonathan Phillips 72700
Bursar: Mr RJ Boden 72709
Health care
College Nurse Ms Glenys Knighton 282380
 Jericho Health Centre Doctors 318499