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JCR President Elections

Today, in the midst of all of the democratic elections in the UK, Keble JCR adds one more vote to the list – the election for the new JCR President of 2016-2017. Tonight we will find out who will be the new leader of Keble’s undergraduate students.

On Sunday the four candidates were set a challenge – 50 tasks, to complete as many as possible within three days. The list is: Hustings Challenge 2016 and the results, judged by the secretary Patrick and me, are as follows:

Caitlin – 43

Jack – 42

Mel – 33

Michael – 30

We gave 1 point for each challenge that was fully completed, 1/2 point for those that were somewhat on target, and 0 if they did not complete the challenge.

Good luck guys!

6th Week Updates!

Hey y’all, it’s 6th week Hilary. We’ve made it past halfway through the year, oh how time flies.

This week is a big one for Keble! First, we have the annual Keble Arts Festival, themed “Let’s Talk”. The theme centers around using different types of art as a method of communication, both for everyday topics and also discussion that is more “taboo”. Here is a link to the KAF timetable – highly recommend attending any of these! (Bop is Monday, bar tab and everything!)

In other extracurricular news, Torpids is this week as well. From Wednesday-Saturday, 32 college rowers, 4 coxswains, and 4 coaches will race down at the Isis River. Come support as our four boats aim to be the fastest on the river; you can find our racetimes here.

We’ve also got loads of university sport representation playing in their respective Blues matches this weekend. On Saturday at the Uni Parks you can watch our four lacrosse players shoe the tabs, or head down to Iffley to watch the football women’s team, two of which are Keblites!

That’s all for now –

Shao out

5th Week Events~

As I have said before, I don’t believe in the so-called “5th Week Blues”. However, for those of you who do, your JCR can help with that! Here is a timetable of the events that the committee are putting on throughout the week, and a link to all the welfare support available for you (during the entire year, but especially if you’re feeling blue).


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 22.53.36

Environment & Ethics Update

This year a number of schemes set in motion last term continue for Environment and Ethics;

– The plastic salad boxes in hall should only used for taking salad out, as the ceramic bowls are now an option

– The Keble Cafe Discount Card Scheme continues to operate in the cafe (bring your own mug for 9 hot drinks, get the 10th one free!) *see attached images*

– ‘Milkshare’, a word coined by Rich Gibbs encourages you to share your milk in hall during breakfast, instead of leaving it half full and wasted

– There is a poster of the staff members and college structure in the JCR and MCR to clarify who is who

– There is a box in the JCR for used batteries to be recycled

– Unwanted food and linen were collected for the Just Love Campaign, after we filled a huge box in the JCR

New plans for this term!

– We are signed up to the student switch off, where individuals and colleges can win a range of prizes. Keep an eye out in JCR emails and on the Keble Noticeboard for information about this, as well as coasters soon to be distributed throughout college

– Put another box in the JCR for collecting unwanted food to give to charity

– Looking into the prospects of having food waste bins in ARCO kitchens and 1/2nd year corridors so that it can be composted and less goes to landfill

– Promote recycling bags and encourage people to go and collect them from the Porter’s Lodge if they don’t have them, and ask the Scouts to replace them after emptying them

– Looking into prospect of having recycling bins outdoors round Keble

– Open to any other suggestions about how to reduce Keble’s carbon footprint and increase our ethical approaches to a range of issues.

That’s all for now!

Helen xx


Four brand new bikes from Brainlabs will be available from Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015 to use for all JCR and MCR members. There are two men’s and two women’s bikes that can be checked out from the lodge for up to 4 hours.

These bikes, locks, and lights are all completely new, so please take good care of them if you take a bike out for a ride. Please return the bikes on time, there are many students in college who would like to use this scheme, and if you continually return late you will be suspended from using the bike scheme for a period of time.


Read the rules of borrowing the bikes, and if you find any maintenance issues with them send a report here:

Pre-term Updates

Hello lovely members of the Keble JCR,

I am very excited to welcome you all to Keble, whether you’re a new fresher or a returning student. I have a few updates from the JCR Committee and myself:

1. Welcome freshers! Keble’s Fresher’s Week Committee has gone above and beyond preparing this upcoming week for you. A few tips: if you don’t know your schedule for the week, check here. If you get lost in town, and the passerby you’re asking directions from doesn’t know where Keble is, ask where the Lamb and Flag is, guaranteed they’ll know it. If you’re feeling lost in college, we’re all friendly here! Good luck.


2. JCR Representative positions are open! These include:

  • Speaker- chairs JCR meetings and cracks jokes.
  • Bike Rep- looks after our new and improved bike scheme.
  • Yearbook Rep- compiles and distributes yearbooks for finalists.
  • Sports Rep- manages sports budget, equipment, and does other sporty things.
  • IT Rep- helps with this website and sets up online voting for elections.
  • LGBTQ Rep- is a point of contact for anyone in college who identifies, and this year will be putting on events!
  • Disability Rep- (see above)
  • BME Re- (see above above)
  • Arts & Pubs Officer- oversees the Keble Art Society and Keble Art Festival.

If you’d like to apply for any of these positions, take a look at the constitution for these roles’ responsibilities and email with a manifesto (check your email) by Thursday, October 8th at midnight.


3. If you are a 4th year or a 1st-3rd year who is “significantly older” than your year group, you can apply for associate membership of the MCR. Those guys have a cool hangout MCR room with a kitchen and a big TV, and lots of MCR-only events. Application forms and rules can be found here.


Lastly, if any of you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesistate to drop me a line. I’m here for ya.

Welcome Freshers!

So you’ve just received confirmation that you’re officially going to study at the most magical place on earth (Keble). Congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot in the college pick, and have fortunately ended up at the best one. Keble has a wonderful community full of bright, unique, and passionate students, and we are so happy for you to join us.

You’ve probably found this website because being the keen-o you are, you Googled ‘Keble College Oxford’ and this came up. Well done, you. Bookmark this website, or set it as your homepage- you’re going to use it a lot. And while you’re here, take a look, you can find all sorts of information regarding the college and everything you’ve been anticipating your whole life.

Meanwhile, you can hop on over to the Fresher-specific website for packing lists, Fresher’s week calendar, and even the names of your college parents (btw, if you’re my child add me on Facebook pls). Get excited, and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in October!

With love,

Shao x

Website Under Construction

Hello Keble!

This is your President speaking.

I have officially taken over the role for the 2015-2016 year. My first goal was to renovate the JCR Website so that it is newer and better than ever. If you’re reading this, you must have stumbled upon the website while we have been in the process of reaching this goal. Over the course of the summer, the committee and I will build up the website so that it is easy to use and a main point of contact for any Keble student. Hopefully, any questions about the college will be answered in the pages, and we can have better communication within the Keble community as a result of the widespread usage of this website!
In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding Keble feel free to contact me at The website will be up and running again before the beginning of Michaelmas 2015.

Have a great summer, and looking forward to a wonderful year,

Sarah Shao