Author: Tomas Ford

Rent Negotiations and the Hall Scheme

Good morning Keble! The rent deal for next year was approved by Governing Body yesterday, so we are happy to finally announce the figures. Rent will increase for next year by 3.58% Prices in Hall will be fixed and a new hall scheme has been agreed such that for every weekday evening meal you have in…
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May 22, 2014 0

State of the Common Room

  Welcome to the JCR’s State of the Union. Part trumpet blowing, this is also a record some of the successes of the term and more importantly we can see what is left to do (New Year’s Resolutions – coming 2014). This is not a full list of every task we have done as that…
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December 16, 2013 0

5th Week Blues

The JCR committee has organised an extravaganza of events to keep away the dreaded 5th week blues: 1. We have the bar tournaments throughout the week with big prizes up for grabs: Table Tennis on Monday Darts on Tuesday Pool on Thursday Fifa will be going on throughout the week If you would like to…
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November 9, 2013 0

Weekly meeting trial

At the meeting, last Sunday, the JCR voted to trial weekly meetings for the remainder of this term. That means there will be meetings on Sundays of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th week. The reasons for this was to make JCR meetings more of a habit and also to cut down on overly long meetings.…
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November 5, 2013 0

Bring your kids to work

This Sunday we have our second JCR meeting of term. Seeing as the family dinner in Fresher’s week didn’t go exactly to plan, we thought it would be nice to get college families to eat together in hall on Sunday and then introduce their children to the JCR by attending the meeting (promised to be…
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October 30, 2013 0

New JCR Bike!

Following the motion in second week meeting, the right honourable Felix Hamer has acquired the new JCR Bike. The JCR now has three functioning bikes and they are ready to be signed out at the Lodge. Happy cycling!    

October 29, 2013 0