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Upcoming Elections

Nominations for the positions of Female and Welfare Officers, Equal Opportunities Officer, Freshers’ Week President and Charities & Donations Officer are now open! 

Please note that the position of Charities & Donations Officer is a by-election and due to be re-elected in 6th Week of TT14.

Nominations forms can be found herePlease hand in a hard copy to Katie Davies via pidge and en electronic copy by email to Nominations close on Thursday at midnight.

Hustings will be held in the meeting on Saturday of 5th at 8pm – this weekend.



The results are in!

The results from yesterday’s elections:

Careers & Alumni Relations – Emma Brand

Entz – Severin Limal, Greg Albery & Deanna Greenhalgh

Environment & Ethics – Jake Palmer

Vice President – Chris Alnutt

See here for the BREAKDOWNS

Congratulations to the new committee members and thank you for everyone who ran and those who voted!


New Discount Added

Another wonderful discount exclusive to Keble Discount Card holders…

Bolitas – 10% off

Originally from the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil, Bolitas™  are the most popular Brazilian snack. They are cheese flavoured balls made with cassava flour and cheddar cheese.  Oven baked from frozen, they are best eaten warm as a tasty addition to coffee or tea, as after school munchies, anytime snack, or as appetizers before lunch and dinner parties. Bolitas™ go well with wine or juice, are divine with beer, and are fantastic with  coffee which brings out the unique taste and flavour. However you try it, one thing is for sure, you will never have just one …. That is a warning!

Casa das Bolitas, Covered Market, Oxford


Treat yourself for the beginning of a new year

Just moved in to a lovely new room but worried about damaging Keble’s time-honoured plaster work with wall fixtures? Shiny new bike that you worry might catch the attention of thieving hands? Arrive at the bar near dying of thirst but have forgotten your wallet? DSC_0169

Worry not. The JCR has been working hard with the highest authorities in Oxford this summer to solve all these problems.

  • College-approved wall fixtures pack of 6 selling at the Lodge for £6
  • OUSU-approved super-strong bike locks selling at the Lodge for £15 (Committee members not included)
  • Bod cards now accepted in the bar (credit/debit cards no longer); top up your card via the link on the meal booking website

Welcome back!

First official day of Freshers’ Week going well. Welcome back to all students old and new!

Check out the twitter feed – @keble_freshers and @Keble_JCR for updates across the week. Anyone at a loss for what to do, head for the JCR for Welfare tea, where there’s food a plenty. Freshers’ families meet tonight at 6pm in the bar.

It’s set to be a fantastic year.