Sam Edwards

Hi everyone! I’m Sam, a second year History student and Keble’s JCR President for 2018/19. It’s my responsibility to represent individuals and the JCR (Junior Common Room) to both college and the wider university administration. In addition to this, I chair the JCR committee who work to improve college life for all undergraduates at Keble.

I pride myself on being approachable, so please do drop me an email or Facebook message with any queries, worries or ideas to improve college, nothing is too big or too small! I am always happy to speak to people around college as well, especially during Fresher’s Week, so don’t be afraid to stop me for a chat!

It’s my aim to make the JCR as inclusive as possible, and keep improving our community. I look forward to seeing everyone at our weekly JCR Meetings, Sundays at 8:15pm in the JCR!Ā