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Coming to the University as a Fresher can be daunting but do not fear – the JCR is here to guide you on your way!

For all the information you could possibly ever need – and more! – please visit the Keble Freshers’ website:

And now, a letter from the Fresher’s Week President, the wonderful Michael Venables:


Hey All,

Welcome to Keble!

We’re so excited for Freshers’ Week and getting to know all of you and I hope that you guys are too! Keble is an absolutely incredible college with a great atmosphere and loads of amazing people so don’t worry too much about coming here, we’ll work as hard as we can to make sure that you’re settled into college life as quickly as possible! Before you get here, make sure you look around the Freshers’ website and consider which clubs and societies you want to get involved in! There’s so much opportunity at uni for having amazing experiences and making great friends so do try to make the most of Freshers’ week, but, more importantly, make sure you have fun! I hope you’ve had a great summer and are getting ready for October! If you do have any questions at all about anything please feel free to email me! See you soon,



To check out the Fresher’s Week Timetable, go to October on the calendar.


Events in July 2018

  • There are no events scheduled during this period.

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