Keble College JCR

Keble MCR

Just as Keble has a Junior Common Room, the college also has a Middle Common Room. The MCR is the graduate student body in college as well as the physical rooms adjacent to the JCR in the Pusey building. The JCR and MCR team up often to address issues in college and less seriously put on events for all Keble students to enjoy.
If you are an undergraduate studying in your fourth year, or are “significantly older” than the other students in your year, you may apply to become an associate member of the MCR. This entitles you access to the MCR rooms (flat-screen TV and kitchen!), and you can also attend MCR meetings and play for MCR sports teams amongst other things.

The MCR is a welcoming environment, and if you are eligible you’re encouraged to apply. Here are the instructions for becoming an associate member, and do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions regarding the MCR.