Keble Jazz Band

Hi! I’m Gus and I run the Keble Jazz Band (also known as Red Brick). We’re a fairly new group who rehearse a couple of times a week, and play all types of jazz, from old blues classics to modern funk, and are always open to new ideas. It’s pretty informal, so we accept people of all ability.

We’ve played at various events around college, such as the Warden’s Recitals and Open Mic Nights in the bar, and are hoping to perform outside of college as well this year.

Whether you have grown up listening to jazz, have learnt classically and are interested in giving jazz a go, or are relatively new to playing music altogether, come along to one of our rehearsals to try it out. All instruments (and voice) are welcome.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the jazz band, feel free to contact me at