Christian Union

Keble Christian Union (CU) is a welcoming community of Christians who meet together regularly to worship God together, explore how the Bible can speak into our lives today and support one another through Oxford.

Hi! I’m Bethany, the current CU rep for Keble. The CU meets every week in college to worship, pray and explore God’s word together, often sharing a meal. We also have pop-up events throughout term, like ‘Text-A-Toastie’ where anyone can message in a question about any aspect around faith and we’ll deliver a toastie to your room to eat over a discussion. We believe that university is a great time for thinking through the deepest issues of life, and whether you’re a Christian who would love to get involved, someone starting to explore faith away from home or just interested in Christianity/what we do in the CU, we’d always love a chat!

Keble CU is part of a larger organisation Oxford-wide called OICCU (Oxford Inter-collegiate Christian Union), which will be running a time away for all Freshers called “Freshaway” before term starts (14th-16th September). More information can be found on theĀ OICCU website

If you’re interested or have any questions, please shoot me an email (, drop me a message on Facebook or just say hi in person. I can’t wait to meet you in October!