Hi there, Matt here (again). You may have noticed me representing men’s rowing, but I’m also a keen cox. The role is often overlooked by people outside of the sport, but it’s crucial- the cox steers, commands the rowers, and acts as the boat’s brain.

As a cox you’re every part a member of the team, so benefit from huge number of social oppertunities that come with rowing. And because coxing is gender neutral, you’re part of both the men’s and women’s side of the club. Fitness isn’t crucial, but there’s plenty of oppertunities to join in workouts. It’s also a fantastic way to develop leadership and teaching skills- good coxes act as coaches inside the boat, helping rowers reach their potential.

Keble’s head coaches on both sides this year are both coxes- world class ones infact. So whether you’re a novice or already experienced, Keble is in an ideal position to train to superb standards, potentially leading to university level and involvement in the boat race.

If you’re into driving, are a good motivator, or just like being in charge, coxing might be your perfect oppertunity to be part of something really speical this year.

Email if interested!