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New Discount Added

Another wonderful discount exclusive to Keble Discount Card holders… Bolitas – 10% off Originally from the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil, Bolitas™  are the most popular Brazilian snack. They are cheese flavoured balls made with cassava flour and cheddar cheese.  Oven baked from frozen, they are best eaten warm as a tasty addition to coffee…
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November 8, 2013 0

Weekly meeting trial

At the meeting, last Sunday, the JCR voted to trial weekly meetings for the remainder of this term. That means there will be meetings on Sundays of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th week. The reasons for this was to make JCR meetings more of a habit and also to cut down on overly long meetings.…
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November 5, 2013 0

Bring your kids to work

This Sunday we have our second JCR meeting of term. Seeing as the family dinner in Fresher’s week didn’t go exactly to plan, we thought it would be nice to get college families to eat together in hall on Sunday and then introduce their children to the JCR by attending the meeting (promised to be…
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October 30, 2013 0

New JCR Bike!

Following the motion in second week meeting, the right honourable Felix Hamer has acquired the new JCR Bike. The JCR now has three functioning bikes and they are ready to be signed out at the Lodge. Happy cycling!    

October 29, 2013 0

Introducing Keble’s JCR Discount Card

More fantastic news for the start of term! Treasurer Rishi and Laura Whitehouse have done a sterling job creating and securing a host of brilliant offers and deals exclusively for Keble JCR members. You will have been pidged the card; please sign the back immediately to validate it. Visit the website page for information on…
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October 13, 2013 0

Treat yourself for the beginning of a new year

Just moved in to a lovely new room but worried about damaging Keble’s time-honoured plaster work with wall fixtures? Shiny new bike that you worry might catch the attention of thieving hands? Arrive at the bar near dying of thirst but have forgotten your wallet?  Worry not. The JCR has been working hard with the…
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October 9, 2013 0

Welcome back!

First official day of Freshers’ Week going well. Welcome back to all students old and new! Check out the twitter feed – @keble_freshers and @Keble_JCR for updates across the week. Anyone at a loss for what to do, head for the JCR for Welfare tea, where there’s food a plenty. Freshers’ families meet tonight at…
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October 7, 2013 0

A Summer Hall update!

Summery salutations Keble, With Keble’s first ever Summer Hall fast approaching here’s an update on a few details: The dress code for Friday is ‘Smart with a hint of Gerard‘ (bow-ties!). Jackets are optional due to to the weather. As I’m sure you all know by now, Summer Hall is a chance for us to…
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June 5, 2013 0

Summer Hall – get booking!

Bookings for Summer Hall on Friday of 7th week are now open. This will be a 3-course Dinner, preceeded by a glass of Pimms on Hayward  quad.   Bookings will close 10am Monday, 7th week. The JCR is planning something special which we will let you know about closer to the time… but, for now, get…
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May 27, 2013 0

Elections and motions!

Don’t forget that nominations for JCR Secretary close this Saturday at midnight. Junho Hyun-Sack will be the returning officer again so please hand in all forms to him! Due to the timing of this election, the tenure of the position will run from 8th Week of TT13 to 8th Week of MT14 rather than the…
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May 21, 2013 0