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JCR Basil Bike temporarily out of service.

jcr bikeThe JCR’s Basil Bike is temporarily out of service. The current bike has quite literally fallen apart and we cannot continue to lend it out due to safety concerns (not to mention it would be difficult riding it without the front wheel…).

There is a motion being put to the JCR this Sunday to get two new bikes (with adjustable seats). So, if you want to see the return of the bike, come along to the JCR Meeting this Sunday and vote through the motion!

Don’t forget that today is the deadline for any motions for this Sunday’s Meeting!


For some clarity…

It has been brought to the attention of the Returning Officer and President (as Election Overseer) that there are concerns about the eligibility of JCR ex-Officers running for committee positions. We would like to make our interpretation of the constitution and its election procedure perfectly clear:

In the President’s email to the JCR Committee, he responded to the concern that a JCR Officer must have resigned two days before the Nomination Period opening by pointing out that this is not the case.

SO 5.11.iii states: “current JCR Officers intending to stand for election to any other post (whether a committee or non-committee position) must resign their post within two days of the Nomination Period opening.” As such, there is no stipulation that a resignation must be done before the opening of the nomination period – only that it be done within two days. Meaning that any JCR Officer had to have resigned by Tuesday, 7th May. The JCR Committee has agreed with this interpretation, as has the Senior Dean in his facility as Senior Overseer of the JCR’s Elections.

Regarding some confusion over the opening of the nomination period, the email which was sent around by the JCR President advertising the elections and position of President did not, and could not, open nominations. The email made no references to the opening of the period, only the closing time and, furthermore, the constitution states that only the Returning Officer may open nominations any earlier than the normal twelve day period. The President is not the Returning Officer so could not have opened nominations, implicitly or explicitly, in his email.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people of the purpose of JCR elections. They are a chance for the JCR to choose from a list of candidates those who they feel would be most competent and able to represent them as Junior Members of Keble College. The constitution was written to facilitate this, not to restrict it.

We want this election to be about the merits and talents of each individual candidate and then for us, as a JCR, to choose which ones we want representing us.

If you have any concerns regarding procedure, please read the constitution first ( so that you are entirely clear on what the process should be rather than what it is presumed to be. That way we can avoid rumours and confusion.

This all said, should you have any questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact the RO, Junho Hyun-Sack, or the President, James Newton, who will be more than happy to help.

On a different but related note, get your nomination forms in! There are amazing positions up for grabs including President, Treasurer, OUSU, Academic Affairs and Access, Charities, Accommodationand Arts and Publications!

The deadline is midnight Saturday – see your emails from Junho for details on how to apply.

Good luck!

Update: Elections and JCR Secretary

Some important notices:

4th Week Elections:

Elections for the positions of President, Treasurer, OUSU Rep, Accommodation, Academic Affairs and Access, Arts and Publications, and Charities are next Thursday of 4th Week. Nomination forms (please see attached) need to be handed in by the midnight of this Saturday (11th).

JUNHO HYUN-SACK (JCR Speaker; is the Returning Officer for the coming elections due to the resignation of the JCR Secretary.

If you wish to run then you need to hand in two printed copies by pidge, one virtual copy by email, AND a picture of yourself by email to Junho no later than midnight of this Saturday (11th) (please see SO 5 for more details on elections – the Constitution can be found here: 

Hustings for positions shall be held at the JCR Meeting this Sunday (4th Week) followed by voting on Thursday (4th Week).


JCR Secretary:

Last Thursday I accepted the resignation of the JCR Secretary. As such, there will be a by-election for the position of JCR Secretary in 6th Week.

In the interim, FIONA ELLIOTT (Environment and Ethics Officer; has been appointed by the JCR Committee to fulfil the roles of Secretary. Therefore, please contact her with any notices/normal business for the Secretary.

The Phantom (Flag) Menace…

This fine May morning, Keble’s Porters’ Lodge was caught flying the colours of the Jolly Roger. The perpetrators of this tomfoolery have yet to be apprehended by the College authorities but the JCR would like to give a salute to these brave, free souls.

If you managed to snap a shot of the event then the JCR and the Keble archivist would be most grateful if you would (in the strictest confidence) drop the JCR President a copy of the picture (either by pidge or email: for the sake of preserving this fine example of Keble highjinks.

Happy May Day Keble! 

JCR General Meeting Agenda – TT13 Week Two

The agenda for this Sunday’s JCR Meeting can be found here and its appendix here.


Nine motions to be debated including buying Gerard a retirement present, adding a tablet to the washing room, supporting the Talbot Fund, and buying a PS3 for the bar!

Free Pimms and summery snacks for all who attend!


We will also be trialling – anonymous voting as per the referendum on Thursday! Stay tuned for more details.