Saturday of Summer Eights Tomorrow

Saturday of Summer Eights Tomorrow

May 26, 2017 KCBC 0

Tomorrow (Saturday 27th May) is the Saturday of the Neptune Summer Eights. This is an excellent event and, particularly in this special year where Keble have a chance of headship, it would be great if as many Keble students as possible come down to support our crews.

There will be 7 Keble crews rowing:

M4 – Keble M4 bumped yesterday having rowed over on the first two days. They will be trying to bump Merton M3 who will get Spoons if Keble are successful. M4 will be rowing at 10:55.

W3 – The second year beer boat has been bumped on all three days so far and needs to avoid being bumped by otherwise they will get Spoons. The good news is that Somerville W3, the crew below them, has not bumped anyone so far. W3 will be rowing at 11:30.

M3 – Having bumped on all three days so far, Keble M3 will win Blades if they successfully bump Christ Church M3. If they do, they will race again for a chance to enter the Fixed Divisions by bumping Mansfield M2. The M3 will be rowing at 12:10 (and hopefully also at 13:20).

W2 – Keble W2 start tomorrow one place lower than they started on Wednesday, having been bumped on Thursday and rowed over on the other two days. They will be trying to bump LMH W2 who will get Spoons if Keble are successful. W2 will be rowing at 12:45.

M2 – Having bumped on all three days so far (including bumping Wadham M2 close to the finish on Wednesday), Keble M2 are chasing Somerville’s highest men’s boat. If they successfully bump them, Keble M2 will win Blades. M2 will be rowing at 15:45.

W1 – The HBR winning Keble W1 has climbed to 5th place, their highest ever position. They came so close to achieving an overbump on Wednesday (something that has not been achieved in Division I of either gender for 10 years). If they successfully bump Univ, they will be even closer to becoming Head of the River in 2018. W1 will be rowing at 17:15.

M1 – Having bumped Oriel yesterday, Keble’s M1 is at second place in Men’s Division I. If they successfully bump Christ Church tomorrow, they will become Head of the River. This would be a spectacular achievement as a Keble crew has not been Head of the River since 1977, forty years ago. M1 will be rowing for the headship at 17:45.

There will be drinks for sale on Boathouse Island and a JCR motion has been passed for £200 worth of drinks for Keble students. There should also be some food – I will be bringing some Party Rings and Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers down at the beginning of the day.

Walking directions to Keble Boathouse are available here, but note that this route goes through Merton Gate which will be closed from 12:00 until 14:00 tomorrow. An alternative route avoiding Merton Gate is available here. Please note that cycling is not permitted in Christ Church Meadow.

Good luck to all Keble crews 🙂