Keble College JCR

Welcome Freshers (and everyone else)!


This is your President!

The biggest congratulations on achieving your grades and more importantly on selecting the best college ever to continue your studies! You will all have the most incredible time here and meet the most amazing people. Keble is known as being super friendly, fun and involved in everything and we are so excited that you are joining us this year to continue this legacy.

You’ve probably found this website because being the keen-o you are, you Googled ‘Keble College Oxford’ and this came up. Well done, you. Bookmark this website, or set it as your homepage- you’re going to use it a lot. It will be regularly updated with in-college events and activities to tempt your fancy as well as containing vital information to help make sense of the university that is Oxford with its unusual and often bizarre jargon. And while you’re here, take a look, you can find all sorts of information regarding the college and much more.

You can also hop on over to the Fresher-specific website for packing lists, your Fresher’s week calendar, and even the names of your college parents (please do message them with any questions you have, they signed up for this role and dont want to be redundant!) I hope that you are all excited and ready for the best few years of your life, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in October whether it be in the JCR, around college or on the cheese floor at Bridge each Thursday of term!

With love,

Caitlin x