Three Keble crews win blades in Torpids

Three Keble crews win blades in Torpids

February 26, 2016 KCBC 0

UPDATE SATURDAY 27TH FEBRUARY: All 4 crews successfully bumped today meaning that W1, M1 and M2 have won blades. Well done to all Keble crews. 🙂

Original post (Friday 26th February):

Keble M1, W1 and M2 will win blades tomorrow (Saturday 27th February) if they successfully bump in the Neptune Torpids. Also rowing will be Keble M3, who unfortunately cannot win blades, but it would be great if they are able to bump tomorrow.

The race times for Keble crews are:

Keble M3 – 12:00 (Men’s Div VI)
Keble M2 – 14:00 (Men’s Div IV)
Keble W1 – 15:30 (Women’s Div II – see note below)
Keble M1 – 16:00 (Men’s Div II)

N.B Keble W1 are at the head of Women’s Div II. To win blades, they must row over and then bump in Women’s Div I, which is at 16:30.

It would be great if as many students as possible came down to Boathouse Island to support Keble, walking directions are available here (please note that bicycles are not permitted in Christ Church Meadow). There will be refreshments (e.g. sweets) in the boathouse.

A special mention also to Keble W2, who missed out on qualification for Torpids by only 1 second on Sunday after a seat in the boat broke, meaning that they only had seven people rowing.

Finally, a quick reminder that informal hall is from 18:00 to 18:30 only tomorrow, due to a private dinner in hall.

Good luck to all Keble crews rowing tomorrow. 🙂