6th Week Updates!

6th Week Updates!

February 21, 2016 Arts & Pubs KCBC 0

Hey y’all, it’s 6th week Hilary. We’ve made it past halfway through the year, oh how time flies.

This week is a big one for Keble! First, we have the annual Keble Arts Festival, themed “Let’s Talk”. The theme centers around using different types of art as a method of communication, both for everyday topics and also discussion that is more “taboo”. Here is a link to the KAF timetable¬†– highly recommend attending any of these! (Bop is Monday, bar tab and everything!)

In other extracurricular news, Torpids is this week as well. From Wednesday-Saturday, 32 college rowers, 4 coxswains, and 4 coaches will race down at the Isis River. Come support as our four boats aim to be the fastest on the river; you can find our racetimes here.

We’ve also got loads of university sport representation playing in their respective Blues matches this weekend. On Saturday at the Uni Parks you can watch our four lacrosse players shoe the tabs, or head down to Iffley to watch the football women’s team, two of which are Keblites!

That’s all for now –

Shao out