Academic Affairs – How to report your Academic Concerns

Academic Affairs – How to report your Academic Concerns

November 9, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Happy 5th week everyone!

This post is quite a long one, but it’s worth a read as it outlines what to do if you have any concerns about your academic work or the way you are being taught.

I’m in the process of finalising a form on which you will be able to report your academic concerns, anonymously or not, to college who will take it further. If you’re struggling with a particular tutor, with the workload you’ve been set, or just feel that you’d like to talk to someone about how to manage the work that you’re getting, you’ll be able to report this and I’ll take the appropriate course of action.

It will all go through me as I’m here to support you and back you up. I’ll be able to forward your concerns and complaints and take the right course, but, if there is something particular that you’d like me to do (e.g. putting you in touch with another student who’s taken that paper so you can get some advice) I’d of course be happy to do that. I also welcome submissions from groups of students or tutorial groups.

It’s just got to¬†get approved by college and then it’ll be available for download right here on the JCR website, and there will be paper copies available in the JCR itself.

For now, my e-mail address is and please e-mail me if there’s anything I can do for you in the way of academic concerns. If you’d like to talk it through, the other peer supporters and I will be based outside the library from 8-11 on Tuesday night as part of the 5th week fun that’s been planned. You’re welcome to come and visit us for some sweets and a chat, whether it’s for some peer support, academic support or just a break from your evening in the library.

We’ll also be posting a mobile number on Tuesday so if you’d like a peer supporter deliver some sweets to your room, for a chat or not, just drop us a message with you request.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night!