Environment & Ethics Update

Environment & Ethics Update

October 22, 2015 Environment & Ethics 0

This year a number of schemes set in motion last term continue for Environment and Ethics;

– The plastic salad boxes in hall should only used for taking salad out, as the ceramic bowls are now an option

– The Keble Cafe Discount Card Scheme continues to operate in the cafe (bring your own mug for 9 hot drinks, get the 10th one free!) *see attached images*

– ‘Milkshare’, a word coined by Rich Gibbs encourages you to share your milk in hall during breakfast, instead of leaving it half full and wasted

– There is a poster of the staff members and college structure in the JCR and MCR to clarify who is who

– There is a box in the JCR for used batteries to be recycled

– Unwanted food and linen were collected for the Just Love Campaign, after we filled a huge box in the JCR

New plans for this term!

– We are signed up to the student switch off, where individuals and colleges can win a range of prizes. Keep an eye out in JCR emails and on the Keble Noticeboard for information about this, as well as coasters soon to be distributed throughout college

– Put another box in the JCR for collecting unwanted food to give to charity

– Looking into the prospects of having food waste bins in ARCO kitchens and 1/2nd year corridors so that it can be composted and less goes to landfill

– Promote recycling bags and encourage people to go and collect them from the Porter’s Lodge if they don’t have them, and ask the Scouts to replace them after emptying them

– Looking into prospect of having recycling bins outdoors round Keble

– Open to any other suggestions about how to reduce Keble’s carbon footprint and increase our ethical approaches to a range of issues.

That’s all for now!

Helen xx