5th Week Blues

5th Week Blues

November 9, 2013 Uncategorized 0

The JCR committee has organised an extravaganza of events to keep away the dreaded 5th week blues:


Rishi Chotai – Tennis Player, Philosopher, Organiser of great bar tournaments

1. We have the bar tournaments throughout the week with big prizes up for grabs:

Table Tennis on Monday

Darts on Tuesday

Pool on Thursday

Fifa will be going on throughout the week

If you would like to enter any of these email rishi.chotai@keble.ox.ac.uk


Matt Gompels uses College rugby as a light warm up for Zumba. The headband channelling 1980’s classic Flashdance

2. If this isn’t your thing we also have a free Zumba session on MONDAY at 7-8pm, so turn up and dance those blues away.


The only team to design their own image for the website. Creative

3. We also have ArtSoc on every single day of next week, so head down to JCR 2 from 3-5, Monday through Friday, to get creative

Further to this there will be a Life Drawing Class provisionally on Wednesday. More details to follow.

4+5+6. We also have Open Mic Night on Friday (all singers, dancers, musicians, comedians do apply) and Gerard’s Bar Quiz on Saturday at which we will draw the raffle prizes. If you don’t know about this check your emails, as there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. Tickets will be being sold most days in lunch or brunch and even Matt the Barman is getting involved, and will be contributing 10% of Bar Profits to Children in Need (big thank you to┬áCollege).

7. We also may be having a comedy night and film nights, but will update this page if and when.

8. Perhaps most importantly – Jack Field is doing double story time at this weekends JCR meeting. Get pumped.

The next week has loads going on, and the committee has spent a lot of time sorting this all out, so do get involved.